Sunday, 10 December 2017

Miniature study room

Hey guys,
I'm back after a long time and I hope you are doing great.
I have been occupied with lots and lots of work these days. Few of my projects created this week are captured in my camera and few flew to their new homes leaving no picture behind due to my busy schedule and because of the climate here in kolkata, India.
I've sorted out couple of pictures of a few projects and I'm going to upload them here on my blog very soon. If you have not followed me on my blog, you will definitely miss something big that's coming your way.
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Well, this post is particularly about a miniature study room shadow box and I created this in order to frame it on a wall in my work space. We all have different tastes I personally love pink & white. So, I've created a beautiful 3D shadow frame using some gorgeous elements and stuffs from my stash. I'm in love with this & I just hope you guys like it.
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Thank you for your lovely time :)

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