Saturday, 30 September 2017

Baby guest book

Hey guys,
Hope you're doing good.
I have created a beautiful baby guest book which has a lot of colorful journaling cards and tags. This book is created with a shaker concept on the cover. I have created a beautiful dangler with some pretty pastel accessories. I have also created a bookmark with cute little star and beads that makes people more convenient while they pen down best wishes to the baby. Every page has a pocket with plain tags which can be used to pen down memories or first day pictures.
I hope you like this book.
Thank you for your time ❤

Friday, 15 September 2017

Look chic when you travel (Elegant passport covers)

Hello readers,
Thank you for checking into my blog.
We all know how much we are concerned about our airport looks especially when we travel with our friends and want to look glamorous with unique and elegant accessories be it a mobile cover, nail polish, handbag or whatever. Now, you don't have to go extra miles to get your style right because I've come up with something super exciting that is filled with so much fun and elegance.
I got a thought of creating passport covers on travel theme that can go pretty well with whatever outfit you wear or however you're dressed up. These passport covers adds additional flavour to your airport looks.
I have created 6 covers yesterday and every cover has a beautiful dangler with charms and a lock with a chain connected to open your passport. Without taking much time I would like to show you the colors and design I've chosen to create this and I'm pretty sure you're going to love it.
And yes, if you wish to buy any of these please write me a mail or comment the color you want for yourself.
Mail id :
Thank you ❤

Here's a collage of individual passport cover pictures. You can select your favourite one from this and write me a mail or message.
You can get your name written on your passport cover. Isn't it too much fun? ❤

I absolutely love it and I hope you like it too.
Thank you for your time!

Have a good day❤

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Twinkle in my eyes (Video tutorial available to purchase)

Hi everyone,
Hope you're doing great. 
I'm back with another album which I created while I was shooting a tutorial for this project for my students. This is a beautiful love themed album filled with a couple of pockets, interesting tags and flaps.
This album is definitely a twinkle in my eyes and I don't want to give it a new home. but at the end of the day I dont like to stock things and just ruin the beauty of it by dumping it at one corner. I have attached all the pictures of this album in detail below.
This album takes around 4 - 5 hours to complete. The kit of this album will be provided for students in India and overseas. In order to purchase the tutorial you need to write a mail on: 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Oh baby 10x7

Hey guys,
Hope you're doing great.
I'm back today with a larger version of Oh Baby album posted last week. This album is really filled some interesting flaps and pockets and I really feel you all are going to like it. The cover of the album looks similar to the smaller version but the inside pages are more detailed and interesting. It feels awesome when you get so much love for your work around the globe and this really makes a crafter feel on top of the world. I'm truly blessed to have such lovely people in my life. I am soon going to have a giveaway on my blog ❤
I have attached a few detailed pictures of this album below and I really hope you like it.
Note to all readers: I would like to mention that I take up classes on almost all my projects on regular basis here in kolkata. I have online courses as well for people around the globe. Anyone who's interested in taking up my classes can drop a mail on:
Thank you for your time ❤

Friday, 1 September 2017


Hey guys,
I am quite happy to share another project I created last week and I have attached tons of detailed pictures of this project for you to admire the beauty of it.
I really hope you like it!!