Thursday, 7 March 2019

Handmade Embellishments | Ready to use

Hello guys, 
This is Meher back with a new post. It's been quite a long I have posted here. So, I thought of sharing something that I created recently and I'm totally in love with it. 
These are super cute handmade embellishments I created so that I can use them in any of my future projects. Each embellishment is carefully designed with minute details and you'll be able to find it in the individual pictures attached below. 
I hope you like it ❤

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Shagun Envelopes | Handmade flowers

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a relaxed Sunday with some fun time with your family and I have a pretty post with some beautiful envelopes with handmade flowers to share with you.
I hope you like it ❤

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Victorian Frame I Handmade flowers

Hello guys,
Hope you are doing great. I have been waiting to share a new Victorian frame I created using a resin frame which measures 10 inches approximately in height. I have painted the frame using my favourite teal blue paint and used some gold foil on it to give a royal touch. I then embellished the frame using an antique window panel and created some flowers using the dress my craft dies and other embellishments. This frame is quite close to my heart because it involves a lot of hard work and time in it. This frame can also be used as a mirror and it makes a great gift for all occasions. I love the way it turned out and this is my absolute favourite piece of art in my collection.

Hope you like it.

Thank you for stopping by!

Meher Shaikh

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Charming baby girl | She flies with her own wings

Happy Sunday, 
Hope you are doing great and I'm sure you must be relaxing and having fun with your family today. To make your day a little bit interesting I have a fun baby scrapbook where I played around with the Dress my craft punches. A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and love. 
This is a glittery album little different from my other baby albums I created recently. I hope you like it.

Thank you for your time!

Meher Shaikh

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Handbag album | Stationers desk

Happy Thursday! 
Hope you are having a great week so far.
I have a new project to share with you today and this is something I had been waiting to create for the last two years. I know two years is a very long time but I was waiting for the best opportunity to knock my door and it finally did. If I talk about the papers, it was very difficult to part from them as I had been preserving them for about more than 3 years now. I wanted to create something for myself out of these papers as they are very close to my heart and offcourse they are no longer available in the market. I feel the colors, the textures and the designs they carry are extremely gorgeous. I've preserved all the bits and pieces of this collection that remained so that I can create some small pieces of art for myself and my studio badly needs it. 
Well, this is a beautiful handbag album with seven amazing folders with lots of flips and folds in different sizes. This is something every girl would like to have to store her memories. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Engagement invites | Shabby Chic

Happy Friday!
How have you been?
I’m in a bit of a chatty mood today and I just felt I should share a couple of things with you guys. I started 2018 with a lot of motivation to work and do new things. You must have seen a lot of new projects posted for the last few months. 2018 has been wonderful for me with lots of work and has kept me engaged in things that I love. Today's project is definitely a new addition to my collection and this something new, interesting and beautiful. Although it was a tough time completing the task, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating these invites. 

Well, it took me around 15 days to complete this project and since it was a set of engagement invitation cards I had to design it up to my client's expectation. So, I bought my favourite sheets along with one of the beautiful punches to recreate the idea of Mr and Mrs that is usually titled on all invitation cards. I punched a couple of bows and mustaches on a white cardstock and picked some dmc sparkling dust to glitter my bows. They looked pretty! I then picked some dmc micro beads to cover the centre of the bow and used the same beads to cover the mustache. It really looked elegant!! I proceeded further creating a box with an invitation card and got stuck on how to make it special by creating it in a unique way. Engagement party is a beautiful occasion as bride and groom offer a ring to one another and it is a ritual before wedding. The best thing that clicked on my mind was to get the miniature engagement rings and tie it on the card to let it stand out from others. I further embellished both the card and the box using flowers and other accessories. It just looked perfect for the occasion and most importantly it pretty much matched with the party theme and the gorgeous outfit of the bride groom. 
I've attached tons of pictures of the invitation cards below. I hope you like the idea and if you are a shabby chic lover, you are definitely going to love it.

Further if you wish to get invites customised, give us little details about the occasion and we shall design the best for you with all minute details.

Always happy to serve the best of best! 

Meher Shaikh