Monday, 27 November 2017

Vintage shadow box

Hello readers,
Hope you are doing great today!
I am back with yet another beautiful post with tons of pictures to share with you. I painted my shadow box in brown color and added some vintage papers chosen randomly from my stash. I then created some photo mats and attached it to the frame using foam tape. I picked some metal and other embellishments to stick them in every compartment of the frame using hot glue. I tied miniature book with twine and metal key to give a junk journal look to it and attached it in one compartment below. Since I wanted to highlight the miniature clock, I fixed it on the first shelve right in front of the photo mat. I love the outcome of it and I hope you like it too.
Though I write blogs once a week, I am very much active on my social media accounts with a lot of posts every now and then. 
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Thank you for your time and Happy Crafting!!

Meher Shaikh 

In Love

Hello everyone,
Hope you are going great!
I have a new love album to share with you today.
This is a chipboard album measuring 6.5 inches by 5 inches. It has 6 chipboard pages and 14 sides including the cover. I have decorated the cover with bunches of flowers and other embellishments. The spine of the album is decorated with beautiful lace and a cute dangler with couple of charms.
I have also decorated a little on the inner pages of the album and I have attached couple of pictures below. 
Hope you like them!

Thank you for your time!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Giveaway winners

Hello guys,
Hope you all had an amazing week. Thank you so much for being a part of our giveaway. I truly appreciate your active participation throughout the week.
I had many ladies on my list who were in for this giveaway but unfortunately not all were active participants. So, to be fair enough with everyone, I have picked two truly deserving ladies who have actively participated throughout the week. 
And the two lucky winners are 
Payal Mittal
Megha Kiran Khara
Congratulations girls!!
Please get in touch with me here and I hope you spend some quality crafting time enjoying my tutorials.
Thank you ☺
Meher Shaikh

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Giveaway (Two winners this time yayyyyyyy!!!!!)

Hello guys,
Hope you all are doing great.
Today I am here to announce a giveaway.. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!
You just have two rules to follow to enter this giveaway and I am super excited to share this with you. Well, the first rule is about sharing the posts on your Facebook timeline or your page using #mehercreations (Please use correct spelling) 
The second rule is about commenting "I am in" on the Facebook post and tagging 5 people in the comment section. You can definitely tag more than 5 people but it is again your choice. 
I will be choosing two winners for this giveaway on 24th of this month.
Looking forward for your participation!
Thank you

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Small budget miniature craft room

Hello everyone, 
Welcome back to a new and I must a totally different and unique post where I'm going to show you a small craft room space. I created this project using a lot of miniatures like the bottles, books, frames, tea pot, lantern, cabinets, blending tool and a lot more. I created some pen stands, score board, miniature albums, photo folios and a lot more things with papers to give a craft room feel.  This is small budget craft room of a beginner. (You can say my craft room in my early days of crafting) 
Well, I have attached couple of pictures of this project with captions detailing them. I simply hope you like it and thank you for your time.  Do follow me on my blog for regular updates and for some upcoming tutorials. 

Everyone needs natural light when they craft or do any kind of art work. So I first colored and added a window on the wall. Your craft desk is your all time buddy and you need it at any cost. So, I created a desk using chipboard and covered it with red textured cardstock. I then joined the drawers and shelves sections below the table to store craft supplies. At least one cabinet is mandatory in a craft room to store all your expensive craft supplies and handmade products to protect them with dust and damage. So, I created one in red adding a lot of miniatures.
Close up pictures attached below 👇

This is close up picture of the cabinet painted in red.
I have actually attached some beautiful and matching papers to make the cabinet look highlighted in the project.

This is a picture captured from the left side of this
project to highlight the beautiful table I created just with the help of blending tool. I took a beautiful golden satin cloth to cover the
top of the tool and sticked the edges of the cloth using hot glue gun to frame the table. I have also colored the tool with some gold inks to give
a matching effect.

Here's a full picture of the red cabinet with bunches of miniature charms I had in my stash. I have fixed them all using a transparent glue.

The walls of the room have two beautiful golden frames and two antique frames are fixed of the cabinet just to give a natural feel.

Here you find set of drawers with golden pull handles and open shelves on the right side to store cardstocks and some craft supplies. All the three drawers can be opened to keep tiny things inside. 
This is a scoreboard I created using cardstock.

Here I have set of pen stands that I created using some papers and added some coloured paper strips in it to make it look more natural and pretty.

Thank you 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Vintage mixed media Envelopes

Hello readers,
I am back with another beautiful post this lovely evening. I have created a few vintage mixed media envelopes measuring 7 inches by 5 inches and I have layered couple of distressed papers in different dimensions to make these layouts look perfect and have a 3D look. All the envelopes are embellished with my favorite metal charms and flowers. Hopefully you will be able to see that in the pictures attached below.
I have tied to keep them as simple as possible because of the beautiful layering that I had already done. Also, these envelopes are fully varnished and are durable.
Hope you like them!

Thank you for stopping by


Friday, 3 November 2017

Baby shadow frame (18 by 18 inches)

Hey everyone,
Hope you're doing great.
I'm back with another post today. I have created a beautiful shadow box on baby theme. The base of the frame is made up of wood and I have altered it using some beautiful baby themed papers and some super gorgeous miniature embellishments.
This frame can hold up to 6 photographs and you can buy it here
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Shagun Envelopes (Money envelopes)

Hey guys,
Hope you're doing great. 
After a long time I'm writing a post on envelopes that I created for Diwali (Indian festival). I must say that envelopes are always on a very high demand here in India since they are used in almost all occasions. 
I have created a lot of handmade envelopes with beautiful handmade flowers and leaves. All envelopes measure 7 inches by 3.5 Inches. 
These pretty envelopes can be customised on any color and theme. All the flowers are purely handmade and are beautifully dressed up with glitter sparkling on them. I must say handmade is always one level up when it comes to unique gifting ideas as it steals millions of hearts and spreads beautiful smiles.
I have attached couple of pictures below with details and I really hope you like them all.

This is one of my favourite envelopes because of the detailing it has and I must say all these envelopes look damn awesome in real. The kind of detailing I've given in this envelope isn't pretty clear in the picture but it is damn pretty and elegant.

I have created these envelopes in 8 different colors and I have tried to arrange them differently. Handmade is always one level up when it comes to buying unique products.

This is a beautiful pink envelope again one of my favourites with so much of detailing in it.

All these envelopes are super sturdy and all the flowers have beautiful glitter on them.

Look at those gorgeous green flowers dressed up with glitter sparkling on them. I love them all.

Thank you for your time ❤
 Write me a mail to place your order.