Saturday, 11 November 2017

Small budget miniature craft room

Hello everyone, 
Welcome back to a new and I must a totally different and unique post where I'm going to show you a small craft room space. I created this project using a lot of miniatures like the bottles, books, frames, tea pot, lantern, cabinets, blending tool and a lot more. I created some pen stands, score board, miniature albums, photo folios and a lot more things with papers to give a craft room feel.  This is small budget craft room of a beginner. (You can say my craft room in my early days of crafting) 
Well, I have attached couple of pictures of this project with captions detailing them. I simply hope you like it and thank you for your time.  Do follow me on my blog for regular updates and for some upcoming tutorials. 

Everyone needs natural light when they craft or do any kind of art work. So I first colored and added a window on the wall. Your craft desk is your all time buddy and you need it at any cost. So, I created a desk using chipboard and covered it with red textured cardstock. I then joined the drawers and shelves sections below the table to store craft supplies. At least one cabinet is mandatory in a craft room to store all your expensive craft supplies and handmade products to protect them with dust and damage. So, I created one in red adding a lot of miniatures.
Close up pictures attached below 👇

This is close up picture of the cabinet painted in red.
I have actually attached some beautiful and matching papers to make the cabinet look highlighted in the project.

This is a picture captured from the left side of this
project to highlight the beautiful table I created just with the help of blending tool. I took a beautiful golden satin cloth to cover the
top of the tool and sticked the edges of the cloth using hot glue gun to frame the table. I have also colored the tool with some gold inks to give
a matching effect.

Here's a full picture of the red cabinet with bunches of miniature charms I had in my stash. I have fixed them all using a transparent glue.

The walls of the room have two beautiful golden frames and two antique frames are fixed of the cabinet just to give a natural feel.

Here you find set of drawers with golden pull handles and open shelves on the right side to store cardstocks and some craft supplies. All the three drawers can be opened to keep tiny things inside. 
This is a scoreboard I created using cardstock.

Here I have set of pen stands that I created using some papers and added some coloured paper strips in it to make it look more natural and pretty.

Thank you 

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